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Fly fishing in Slovenia can be a real adventure!

At the beginning of the fly-fishing season, I always wait impatiently for the river levels to drop to a minimum. Then it’s time for my adventurous spirit to come to the fore and make a visit to one of the alpine beauties of Slovenia, Kamniška Bistrica.

As a fly-fishing guide and teacher of fly-fishing at the Flyfishingodec Slovenia fly fishing school, I often hear from my guests the question of what type of river for fly-fishing I prefer, alpine streams or peaceful karst rivers, and on which river I prefer to go fly fishing in Slovenia. Honestly, when I started fly fishing, I never thought like that. In the beginning, it was enough for me to be outside, by the river and with a rod. Today, I notice that I often act on my inner sense of what would suit me best at a given moment. Alpine streams, when I’m ready for a little action and noise, or tranquil karst cascades, when I want more calm to relax.

My decision to go fly fishing in Kamniška Bistrica was thus made out a need to disconnect from the enforced peace and quiet of the COVID-9 epidemic, and a desire for something “fast and loud”. So I went to this hard-to-reach mountain river canyon where I knew the landscape and river would not disappoint me. Sitting on a fallen trunk, I enjoyed the unique atmosphere conjured by the blue-green color of the water, and enjoyed the feeling of belonging once more. The healing power of nature, in all its beauty!

Lighting brown trout awaited me in the deep and cold clear pools, and it was easy to trick and lure them to a # 14 hook. All the fly fishing flies I hunted with and proved to be very successful that day are in natural shades, and part of the essential assortment that I keep in my fly box.

However, fly fishing at this location is rather strenuous, as the canyon is very difficult to cross due to fallen trees and huge rocks, so a visit to my beloved alpine beauty requires that you’re in good physical condition.

But the season is still long and I believe I’ll definitely enjoy its beauty again this year, as well as at many of the other stunning Slovenian rivers and streams to be found.

Matej Godec, Flyfishingodec Slovenia

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Kamniška Bistrica “Alpine beauty” is also part of the WILD & PURE 2020 program, please read.

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