Fly fishing in Slovenia – Flyfishingodec Slovenia interview with Fly dreamers

Fd: Can you tell us a bit about how you got the idea of setting up a fly-fishing guide service?

In the beginning my plan was just to open only fly-fishing school. However, in the end I decided to offer my guests a full service through my own boutique fly-fishing tourist agency.

Flyfishingodec Slovenia is now full service fly-fishing tourist agency specialized in the organization of guided fly-fishing adventures, accommodation, daily fly-fishing trips and fly-fishing courses on all Slovenian rivers.

Fd: Why do you think everyone should go fly fishing in Slovenia at least once?

Slovenia’s a really beautiful country. I live here, so sometimes I forget, how beautiful it is.

Slovenia offers almost everything to visitors, and I must say that it never disappoints with great fly-fishing, the diversity, beautiful nature and landscape, good food and us, people with great heart.

Fd: What can you tell us about fly fishing for marble trout?

My guests tell me that marble trout is one of the most desirable fish to catch here in Slovenia. But you must know where and how to catch one, and we know!

Fd: During which months are the seasons open over there?

Fly-fishing season in Slovenia starts in March, but all main the rivers for fly-fishing, open in April.

Fd: What kind of fly-fishing gear should anglers take for a week over there?

For all Slovenian rivers and all year round fly-fishing situations (except Hucho fly-fishing) the most appropriate is a 5-weight rod (9ft or 10ft long). During the summer and for small streams and creeks the fly-fishing will be successful with a lighter 3-weight rod.

Anglers should also not forget their waders and boots. And it’s always a good idea to find space in your luggage for a rain-coat, as the weather is becoming more unpredictable.

Fd: What are the top flies for trout and grayling in the rivers you fish?

A classic and always useful nymph for the waters where I fish is the Hare’s ear. Different sizes

and colour combinations depend on the time of the season and rivers. However, I still prefer natural colours.

Fd: Any chance of going for huchos during the cold season?

The season for Danube Salmon (lat.n. Hucho hucho) the biggest predator in our rivers is now in full swing. At the moment we’re struggling with a lot of rain and high water levels, but sometimes you just need to go out and fish anyway.

Fd: What about the accommodation options?

Flyfishingodec Slovenia is a boutique Fly-fishing Tourist Agency with a full offer.

So we can provide complete organization of guided fly-fishing trips, including accommodation, daily guided trips, fly-fishing courses and rental of equipment.

Fd: What’s the programme for a typical fly-fishing day?

For the upcoming 2020 season I’ve prepared some different all-day programmes, including a Best of Slovenia Fly-fishing Tour, and they’re already on my web site

The programmes are based on one of our main goals in doing business: “We listen our guests”.

Fd: Any other advice for those visiting your area?

I think that if you haven’t been to Slovenia before then you can’t postpone your visit any longer. Fly-fishing is great, we have beautiful rivers and the landscape is just amazing. And we, the people of Slovenia are very welcoming and kind. So please come and visit us, you won’t be sorry.

Thank you!

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